Hi John. I was at your course on Friday. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your class. I didn't look at the clock or fall asleep once. Can't remember last time I did that at a course in 27 years. You kept class engaged throughout the day. Learned a lot and enjoyed it. Thank you. Robert Stayton

John O'Halloran is an expert presenter and his mastery in the topic of joint replacement is evident from the first few moments of the course. He recently presented to 140 therapists in our Home Health Agency, and they were able to implement ideas from his course immediately with our patient population. The therapists left the course excited and energized to treat on Monday armed with many new examination, treatment, and documentation ideas. John's clinical expertise, credibility as a treating therapist, and his passion for the field of physical therapy created an excellent learning environment. This course is an excellent blend of evidence-based practice combined with anecdotal clinical stories and patient case studies. I would highly recommend John's course to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in the area of joint replacements. Great work John! Jeffrey Sommer, PT, DPT, OCS | Orthopedic Manager and Educator - Visiting Nurse Association Health Group

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed you seminar today. I am an OT and at the 20 year mark. You know how it goes, PT's have the inside skinny on the various precautions dealing with low extremity procedures, precautions and Ex's due to that is what PT's due. However for OT's it is imperative we know how that translates these into ADL function. I learned more in your seminar than I have in years of practice and of course that's sad. Loved the voluntary Vs. involuntary and open up and reach to fire off particular muscle groups focus of todays seminar. Also, really enjoyed your sense of humor, much like my own, made the day feel like 10 mins tops lock stock and barrel. E.M., OTR/L

I just wanted to thank you for this fantastic CD!!!! I have been reviewing it quite a bit recently and it is really helping me in so many ways. I was recently transferred to outpatient after working acute care for 10 years so needless to say what manual skills I had were rusty indeed. Thanks again for this lifesaver - it is really helping me to be a better PT and provide better care for my patients. Michelle Bauer

I want to personally thank you for your presentation for Star Education Seminars and Consulting.  The course was amazing and your engaging talents phenomenal.  You made it fun for all there.  Participants spoke highly about the hands on lab time, review of both upper extremity and lower extremity education and correlation to function.  I am not sure if you were aware but we offer a Seminar Evaluation Form after the conference.  On a scale of 1-5 you received all 5's which correlates to Excellent!  Best and thank you again!  Karleen Cordeau, Director of Development, AllStar Therapy, LLC - Avon, CT

Albert Einstein said "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."  John O'Halloran proved that he knows it well enough by his simplistic presentation.  Daniel Porter, OT - St. Louis Missouri

"John's presentation was energizing! He provided practical treatment techniques that we (a home care group) could use immediately with our varied patients. Although the course was geared toward joint replacement therapy, he really integrated a whole body approach." Suzanne L Havrilla, PT, Rehabilitation Clinical Manager - Johns Hopkins Home Care

"My largest attended seminar to date! Dr. O'Halloran provided evidenced-based techniques for real life practical application with an easily understood approach, humor, and the ability to get over 100 people moving! Comments following the seminar were nothing more than high praise for such an interactive and engaging speaker. Everyone has asked when is he coming back!" Lisa Madison, Owner - Rocky Coast Seminars

"It is uplifting to listen to a clinician who can simplify the complex problems our bodies develop and put them back into a treatment progression that is easy to understand and follow. Your eyes will be opened to predictable and successful treatment of current trends in orthopedic surgery and physical therapy." Thanks—Performance Rehab, Ridgeland, MS

"This course was awesome(joint replacement). Great content and even better presentation. Therapists were using the tools they learned as soon as they got back to the facilities. Many courses look good on paper, this one delivers". Tim Moran, Vice President of Therapy Services, American Healthcare LLC, Roanoke Va

“Thanks so much for presenting to our staff and students.  You are wonderfully knowledgeable and entertaining - A great combination for a teacher.  Thanks! ” Loretta Sherwood, OTR, CBIS
Director of Education and Compliance - Midwest Health Strategies - Muncie, Indiana

“John has provided exactly what we were looking for as an organization – flexibility in content while maintaining the core elements of the presentation. A great mix of “hands on” and research based information. He is a great listener and very skillful at adapting to the audience during the course of a lecture. Have used his services for 2 years now and looking forward to the 3rd!” 
Andre Blom PT,STC
Director of Rehabilitation Services - IBJI - Chicago, Illinois

“I have known John for four years through his professional relationship with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He has served as a clinical instructor for our program and has been the model of professionalism. John has such a unique perspective that he brings to the table combining business savvy with years of clinical experience. I was very impressed with his experience in designing the out-patient rehabilitation center at Southeastern Orthopedic Specialists. His attention to detail has created an environment that is highly conducive to patient care while be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.” 
Jolene Henning, EdD, ATC 
Director, Entry-level Master of Science in Athletic Training program
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“I have known and worked with John for over 10 years and have been renting space from him for one year. In that time he has been very responsive to my needs as a tenant. John makes sure that the building and grounds are always maintained and when a situation does arise on property, it is addresses immediately.” 
Rob Balkind, MAc
ABR Acupuncture, LLC - Greensboro, NC

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