Manual Therapy of the Shoulder

This DVD comprises over 15 video clips of advanced manual therapy technique instruction.

Content Includes:

  • How to address that stiff shoulder that has plateaued

  • How to get those last few degrees of motion

  • How to stretch the Pectoralis Minor which is often forgotten in manual therapy

  • Thoracic spine mobilization techniques

  • How to mobilize the shoulder to get the "hand behind the back"

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Core Stability and Training

This CD comprises over 15 video clips of core stability and training technique tips.

Included in this DVD is:

  • How to identify a weak core clinically

  • What muscles make up the core

  • How to train the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles

  • A functional progression from level one core stability to level four functional training

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Functional Therapeutics for Hip, Shoulder and Joint Replacement Patients

This DVD is comprised of 28 video clips.

Included in this DVD is:

  • learn functional therapeutic exercises for joint replacement patients

  • Learn how to facilitate and/or inhibit muscles to enhance mobility and stability

  • View interactive video clips of therapeutics with joint replacement patients

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Manual Therapy of the Lower Extremity

Included in this DVD is:

  • How to incorporate manual therapy into your treatments for common lower extremity conditions such as Plantar Fascitis and Piriformis Syndrome

  • Learn how to address stiff knee and augment corrective exercise

  • Learn advanced soft tissue mobilization to enhance traditonal joint mobilizations

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